Other links

forumprawne.org – a discussion forum specializing in free of charge legal advice in various areas of private and public law. Includes a collection of legal regulations as well specimen of letters and contracts

www.prawo.fri.pl – a Web portal specializing in law, run under the honorary auspices of the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the UMCS University in Lublin. Contains interesting information on legal as well as other issues.

www.prawo.lex.pl – Server of the LEX Publishing House specializing in law. Contains information on legal issues, a catalogue of links to websites devoted to law as well as related issues

www.nettax.com.pl – a professional service specializing in law. NetTax Internet data base. Contains almost 13 thousand legal regulations, instances of more than 12 thousand verdicts and 4 thousand articles on legal issues

www.prawo.p9.pl – ‘Law – Socrates’ Web portal - catalogue of sites dedicated to legal issues, continuously extended. It’s aim is facilitate access to relevant information on various aspects of law.

– a service targeting employees, employers, and people looking for jobs. Law on Labour, Labour Code, legal regulations, specimen of letters and contracts, vacancies in Poland and abroad, job advertisements, discussion forum.

www.eprawo.republika.pl – Law for everyone – the website contains several sections – law (legal regulations, institutions, specimen of contracts, commentaries, questions and answers), businessman’s manual, information on how to start and run a company, ABC of the Internet, analysis, advice, interesting downloads.

– information on legal assistance services in Poland. Links to the offices of solicitors, barristers, legal advisors, public notaries, patent attorneys and lawyers

www.poradaprawna.pl - a service dedicated to law, education and legal advice, contains an address data base, specimen of official letters and a lot of interesting information on legal as well as other issues

www.justitia.pl – the aim of the service is to create a platform for those who are enthusiastic about law, administration, marketing and management and offer easy and permanent access to knowledge and current information

www.wspol.edu.pl/new - the website of the Police Academy in Szczytno. Useful database containing addresses, legal regulations useful for police officers, and advice on security e.g. against theft of credit cards.

www.imgw.pl – the website has a great academic and research potential, contains an extensive database of information on meteorology, hydrology, results of the latest analyses and observations.

– the website of the Polish Association of Psychiatry. Contains intteresting information on issues connected with psychiatry.

www.egov.pl – the aim of the service is to provide public institutions with information on IT solutions used by the public administration. Contains current information, reports, analyses and links to the websites of central institutions of public administration and ministries.

www.cie.gov.pl – information service of the Center of European Integration includes general information, businessman’s manual, subject and internet manual, publications, aid programs, legal regulations, collection of documents.

www.wladza.pl - the Web portal offers addresses of various state institutions, revenue offices, embassies, governmental agencies etc.

www.usc.gov.pl – the mission of Office of Civil Servants consists in assuring efficient functioning and management of the state irrelevant of the political situation. the website present the organization structure of the office, legal regulations applicable to civil servants and a bulletin. There are also numerous links to organizations specializing in public administration as well as information on available training offers.

www.narkomania.gov.pl – the website of the State Office for Drug Prevention: the epidemic character of the phenomenon, addresses of counseling centers, helpline, Internet counseling center, system of certification, training etc.

www.zus.pl – the service presents ZUS (State Insurance Agency) as an institution, contains relevant legal regulations, offers descriptions of the current insurance offer, available benefit schemes, the manual of the insured and the insurer as well as current news

www.kgp.gov.pl/szkoly - the website contains information on Police Academies in Poland

www.vagla.pl – a service dedicated to widely understood issues connected with the Internet and IT security

Web portals dedicated to forensic science and related issues:

– a website dedicated to forensic science and medicine. The service targets those who wish to find out more about these branches of science

neska.strefa.pl – a website dedicated to forensic science and medicine, it is run by a non-proffesional, yet offers interesting information in an accessible form. Very popular. Contains a rich bank of information as well as numerous illustrations, which makes it particularly attractive.

www.forensic-medicine.pl – the website is dedicated to forensic medicine, highly professional, edited in a clear and interesting way.

www.teo.forensic-medicine.pl – a website dedicated to forensic medicine