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The Regional Prosecutor's Office in Zielona Góra (POLAND), along with its subsidiary district offices in Krosno Odrzańskie, Nowa Sól, Świebodzin, Wschowa, Zielona Góra, Żagań and Żary, in terms of its jurisdiction, covers the area of 2/3 of the Lubuskie Province. Central and southern parts of the Province are inhabited by 626 thousand people.

The prosecutor's offices of the Zielona Góra region have at their disposal the following full time positions: 125 lawyers (prosecutors, assessors and applicants), 102 office workers, and 23.5 service personnel workers. The Regional Prosecutor's Office in Zielona Gora employs 31 prosecutors. 14 of them directly supervise investigations, usually of serious nature. The number of full time positions for prosecutors in particular district prosecutor's offices varies and ranges from 4 in Wschowa to 25 in Zielona Góra.

Zielona Góra Regional Prosecutor's Office runs a Training Centre whose primary aim is to recruit applicants and improve the qualifications of prosecutors as well as other staff members.

For several years Zielona Góra applicants have received the best results in examinations. Many of them were laureates of specialist competitions. As representatives of the Poznań jurisdiction, Zielona Góra applicants won twice in two consecutive editions of the national Forensic Science Competition organized by the Institute of Forensic Research in Kraków.

In contrast to other parts of the country, prosecutor's offices in the Zielona Góra region have adequate office space and efficient logistics. All regional level organizational units have at their disposal new and modern buildings. The office space available allows for the accomplishment of all statutory tasks to the extent satisfying contemporary standards. The number and organization of rooms is appropriate including prosecutor's offices, front offices, waiting rooms, archives, common rooms or rooms for suspects detained by the Police. The buildings of the Regional Prosecutor's Office and the District Prosecutor's Office have been renovated recently and is planned to be further extended in near future. The Prosecutor's Office buildings in Wschowa, Żary and Żagań have been renovated as well. The District Prosecutor's Office in Krosno Odrzańskie was moved to a new building.

Prosecutor's Offices have introduced fire-fighting and burglar proof internal and external monitoring systems: physical, electronic or dual. Additionally all buildings are monitored on a permanent basis by an IT based closed-circuit television systems. Office work in all organizational units is performed with the aid of IT system.

The Regional Prosecutor's Office in Zielona Góra has at its disposal 1100 m2 office space, two large halls and 49 office rooms, a lecture theatre which can be used for meetings and briefings, a library, archives rooms, garages and workshops. It uses a modern CENTREX communication system guaranteeing a direct and free of charge telephone contact with all employees in the region. The communications network additionally allows for easy contact with selected Police and Frontier Guards officers. All organizational units have access to the Internet and email.

Additionally all district and regional Prosecutor's Office personnel members performing particular functions are equipped with mobile phones integrated within one tariff system, which significantly reduces the cost of communication within the network. All prosecutors of the Organized Crime, Inquiry and Court Proceedings Divisions are also equipped with mobile phones.

All Zielona Góra prosecutor's offices take advantage of advanced IT systems. Each organizational unit is equipped with a PC offering access to the LEX system of information on legal issues. The Regional Prosecutor's Office uses an IT network offering access to all positions and equipped with software relevant for work in the prosecutor's office. The Budget and Administration Division is additionally equipped with software servicing the financial management of the Prosecutor's Office in cooperation with the Polish National Bank (NBP). A new CORS-Email electronic communication network for servicing internal mail within the Department of Justice have been introduced recently. On July 03rd, 2003 the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Zielona Góra published its website. The Regional Prosecutor's Office is responsible for running IT based access points to the State Criminal Record (KRK), Personal Identification Number (PESEL), Company Registration Number (REGON), Court Registration Number (KRS) and vehicle appraisal systems.

Prosecutor's offices of the Zielona Góra region offer their staff both training and holiday facilities in two centres located in Niesulice. The centres can cater 24 people in 8 bungalows and offer services for the personnel of Prosecutor's offices and courts from other regions. At present the centre undergoes renovation.

The basis task of the prosecutor is to eliminate crime and protect law and order. Zielona Góra prosecutors manage to perform the duty perfectly despite numerous, commonly known difficulties, including a significant increase in the number of criminal offences since 1990s.

In 2007 only, 27.339 new criminal proceedings were initiated in all organizational units. Out of this number, 9.461 were finalized with court proceedings (43,1% of all initiated proceedings). 11.122 persons were indicted. The high efficiency of Zielona Góra Regional Prosecutor's Office ranks it as one of the best in the country.

In result of the preparatory proceedings undertaken in the above mentioned period 844 suspects were arrested. 913 persons were provisionally detained in the previous year.

It needs to be stressed that increase in the efficiency has occurred particularly in the recent years. To a certain extent it is caused by changes in the criminal law, and specifically results from penalization of drunk driving. Yet the active contribution of prosecutors cannot be underestimated. In 2007, 626 investigations were undertaken. Most of them concerned cases which were complicated both from the factual as well as legal point of view.

Apart from the standard procedures, prosecutors undertake actions which aim at limiting or eliminating the effects of criminal offences.

As an element of this type of activity in 2007, 1.488 decisions on securing property on account of predicted fines and damage reimbursement costs (12,4% of cases) were made. At the same time prosecutors instituted 110  claims on behalf of the wronged persons, who as part of criminal proceedings demanded indemnity or compensation from the suspects. Depriving the offenders of the profits resulting from their criminal activity has become a priority in the work of prosecutors.

Over the last four years, prosecutor's offices in the Zielona Góra region have significantly intensified their activity in the area of instituting civil cases. 3415 new proceedings were registered in 2007.